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Composed by Kayla


Music & Poetry

Kayla Parker is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter currently based out of Pennsylvania. She first began writing when she was 12 years old; though, it wasn’t until the end of her college career (2017) that she released her first record. From a young age, Kayla found great joy in singing and the arts. In school, she was highly involved in theatre, chorus and band. She became interested in piano as a pre-teen when her father brought home an old organ from an auction. He taught her how to play “When the Saints Go Marching In,” and she immediately started taking piano lessons. Kayla fell in love with the black and white keys as quickly as she fell in love with singing. In her teens, she began writing poetry. Poetry became another outlet to express her deep-seated emotions, which later influenced her storytelling-based lyrics.

In August 2013, Kayla moved to Illinois to pursue songwriting at Greenville University. Towards the end of her college career, she released her first record, ”Lowlight - EP” (May 2017). The year after she graduated, she stayed in Illinois and released her second record, ”Vacancy” (July 2018). She just recently recorded a single, ”When You Loved Me” (May 2019), in Boston, Mass. with Plaid Dog Recording. The sound she created can be best categorized as pop/alternative with a country/folk flare. Artist’s like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Ryan Tedder inspire her records. Much like the previously mentioned artists, Kayla can instinctively hear a melody and compliment it with the perfect lyric. Listeners find that her songwriting skills especially shine in the ballads she’s written. It seems as though her best songs start with a melancholy feeling and end on a piano.

Being a fairly guarded person, music has been a liberating medium for Kayla. In her exploration of music, she's discovered how music can speak the words she sometimes struggles to express. That's where her love of songwriting stems from—those heartfelt ballads that know exactly how she feels when people come up short. For the lyrics that don't fit any melody in her head, they turn into poems. Over the years, music has turned an otherwise shy individual into a brave and vulnerable artist. Music was, and, is, a comfort for her that she hopes to share with others in her own songwriting. Kayla continues to write music and is currently recording an EP through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with Plaid Dog Recording in Boston, Mass.


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